Trial of the November 13 attacks: why Paris wants to become a civil party

JUSTICE – The cities of Paris and Saint-Denis like Bataclan want to become a civil party in the trial of the November 2015 attacks, the prosecution opposes this. Me Klugman, attorney for the city of Paris, returns to LCI on this issue.

Will the Bataclan courtroom, the city of Paris and the city of Saint-Denis be recognized as civil parties, that is to say victims, during the trial for the attacks of November 13, 2015, which began on Wednesday, September 8, 2021? In any case, that is what your lawyers ask for.

During a criminal trial, anyone who is considered a direct victim of a crime can become a civil party, so they can access the process and claim damages during the trial. They can be natural persons, but also legal persons (associations, companies …). But with regard to the Bataclan, the city of Paris and the city of Saint-Denis, the prosecution said that it was opposed even before the start of the trial. He reiterated his opposition to the September 9 hearing before President Jean-Louis Périès, president of the Assize Court, decided to postpone these debates to October 4. Therefore, this Monday these issues will be examined. I Patrick Klugman, a lawyer for the city of Paris, explains to LCI why this constitution is, according to him, its importance.

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The extraordinary trial of the November 13 attacks

Why does Paris want to become a civil party in this lawsuit?

It is the first time that Paris is constituted in a terrorist trial when the capital has been the site of numerous attacks. If it is constituted, it is for an extremely simple reason: Paris is a target in the act of claiming the attacks that were first broadcast on November 14, 2015 and subsequently broadcast on numerous occasions, especially in a video clip. .in which “target Paris” is repeated with an image of the Eiffel Tower. In all the elements of propaganda, therefore of identification and demand of these attacks, Paris is a designated target. Given what this attack on the heart of the capital represented, seen how it made the city suffer, it was inconceivable that Paris was not. Not only was Paris the target, it was then put through rigorous testing. This procedure concerns us.

What is the interest of Paris in becoming a civil party?

For the mobilization of agents of the Paris City Council and when we know what it has been. What was also recalled at the hearing. The cleaners intervened, under the supervision of the police, to clean the premises of the Bataclan on November 14 and the terraces on November 16. There were all these people who worked in civic services and who issued burial permits in circumstances that we had never imagined. The seizure of schools, the closure of show halls and monuments, the organization of commemorations and assistance to merchants were also carried out. We have to imagine what terrorist attacks represent for a community. To illustrate this, it is enough to know that 167 agents of the Paris City Council faced the attacks of November 13, many of which were followed by psychological assistance cells. Come and then tell me: ‘what are you doing here?’ I do not understand.

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What are you ordering?

We do not come to ask for a sanction, we do not come to ask for damages, we do not come to ask for a fine because we cannot. The only thing we come to ask is to be part of this procedure. In the Thalys attack, the SNCF, the Thalys company became a civil party without this raising the slightest doubt. In the case of Daesh owner Jawad Bendaoud, the municipality of Saint-Denis was admissible. At trial for the January 2015 attacks, Charlie Hebdo was admissible. This is the plea of ​​Richard Malka. If we put the PNAT on trial, it should have stood up and said there was a problem with the admissibility of the company. Sodexo, which employed persons referred to rue Nicolas Appert, was considered admissible in its constitution as a civil party in this same trial. So why couldn’t Paris be admissible in the trial of the November 13 attacks?

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