Trida Choudhary says it is difficult for her to play the role of a sex worker in Aashram, says that “women are often sexualized.”

“Women are often sexualized,” Trida Choudhary reveals her difficulties as a sex worker in Aashram.

The actress recently spoke about how actors are sexualized and how difficult it is for her to play the role of a sex worker in an interview with The Free Press Journal.

She said, “Actors, especially women, are often sexualized after being cast for a particular role. As an actor, I know the privacy limit that I have accepted for a particular role. In Aashram, I know my character is a sex worker, so there will be some privacy on screen. But when I shoot for this, I trust the integrity of the film. People need to understand that when an actor accepts an intimate scene, it takes a lot of effort. Not that I liked taking these shots. I think the Aashram editorial team could have done a better job and presented me more aesthetically. “

“In addition, the production team should have taken care of cases where these intimate scenes were disseminated on pornographic sites. Creators should be aware of these digital footprints of their shows and take immediate action to block or deny them access. India should have laws in which such actions should be punished with an iron fist. The fact that it is online does not mean that it can be broadcast on the dark web. As actors, we must have the right to ensure that our work is not abused for reasons of sexual gratification. Producers should regulate when web content of a sexual nature cannot be used as pornographic content on another website “,”

She also said that strange things are happening on social media.

“Recently, something strange has happened to me on social networks. I posted something in general about marriage and divorce. I talked about toxic relationship equations. But the tabloids immediately started talking about it and portrayed me in a negative light. I was even connected to someone just because I posted a message. Social media is a place where we can express our opinions, but the actor’s post should not be used to make a splash around him. This particular kind of sexism is not only insensitive, but inhuman at the same time, ”

“Right now I’m busy filming the second season of Aashram. Filming was supposed to start in April, but due to the second wave of Covid, the schedule was delayed. It is now scheduled to start in September.

“My character takes a whole different twist and I can’t wait to act out the nuances in detail.”

Even for the second season of Bandish Bandits, we’re starting filming soon. I also signed a contract for another film with a Bollywood star, the details of which I cannot reveal now, ”she said.

For the inexperienced, she won the Calcutta Times Fresh Face 2011 title. Her first film was 2013’s Mishawr Rawhoshyo, directed by Srijit Mukherjee.

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