Triple murder: the suspect had extremist tendencies

According to our records, the 26-year-old suspect suffered from schizophrenia. He was particularly unstable due to problems with cannabis use and refusal to take the medication needed to control his mental illness.

He has reportedly spent countless hours on websites in recent months, frequenting private social media groups and participating in radical chats.

He wanted to give up his Canadian citizenship when he burned his passport at the Montreal airport in 2018. Recall that Abdullah Sheikh was found not guilty by the court due to mental disorder in connection with this event.

“Phantom Weapon”

On the morning of August 4, he was carrying a light automatic weapon resembling a Tec-9 or UZI model equipped with a high-capacity 9mm magazine when he was shot dead by a Montreal Police Operations Team.

Looks like it was something called ghost gun (phantom weapon) to the police because it would have been assembled by the suspect himself.

Investigators believe that he acquired the knowledge to find the right parts and assemble them into deadly weapons by browsing the Internet and radical chat rooms, or even dark web.

According to former police officer André Gelinas, most parts of the gun can be bought at a pharmacy without a gun license.

Ghost Pistol, handcrafted centerpiece. But all the other parts around, in metal, that allow you to work: the barrel, the bolt, the magazine… These are all the parts that are not adjustable. So people can get them without necessarily having a firearms license.explains the retired sergeant and firearms specialist.

Assembling the pistol is very easy. There are many tutorials available on the Internet. Making parts requires experience. But if you have them all, putting them together to make weapons is child’s play. »

Quote from André Gelinas, Ret. Sgt. SPVM

Loophole in the bill?

I am a pistol owner myself and a member of the shooting club. If my wife wants to give me a gift and buy me a new magazine, she can go to the gun shop without any problem.he cited as an example. Over-the-counter sales of most firearm parts are exempt from the bill.

On August 19, the Liberal Government’s Bill C-21 provides for a ban on the importation of handguns into Canada.

This is what falls through the cracks of Bill C-21. It will be forbidden to sell, import, transfer and buy a handgun, but the parts that make up the weapon can be sold legally without a license to carry a weapon. added André Gelinas, a retired SPVM sergeant and former marksmanship instructor.

Recall that Abdullah Sheikh was killed by the SPVM intervention group

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