Tristan Nito, spokesperson for free software and green IT, at Scaleway

Photo: Tristan Nito (source: Scaleway)

Scaleway, “Digital Infrastructure Provider”, announces the appointment of Tristan Nito as Head of Sustainability. “Having worked for a long time to limit the carbon footprint and prohibit the reckless use of water in its data centers, Scaleway, in particular, operates the Scaleway DC5 data center, the most energy efficient and water efficient data center in Europe. Recognizing the need to respond quickly and concretely to society’s demands for digital sobriety, Scaleway has appointed Tristan Nito to lead a strategy to ensure that all logistical and technical decisions, as well as processes and customer support in the responsible use of digital services are carried out taking into account the impact of cloud services on environment”.

17 years in Mozilla

Tristan Nito is a longtime expert on free software and the environmental impact of digital technologies. He has been associated with Mozilla since its inception and has led Mozilla Europe. After working for 17 years in this librist project, he left it at the beginning of 2015.

In the same year, he joined French open-source personal data hosting startup Cozy Cloud, and then in June 2018 he became “vice president advocacy” (responsible for communication) of the French search engine Qwant. He became CEO in September 2019 and left in March 2020.

Scaleway recalls that Tristan Nito “has been involved in the fight against climate change for several years, notably through his podcast L’Octet Vert, and as an author and speaker. He also served on the National Digital Council from 2013 to 2016 and has served on the National Digital Ethics Pilot Committee since its inception.

In October 2016, he published Surveillance:// (C&F editions), a recommended work on digital police. Where he notes that “free software is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for control and ownership of the computers we use.”

Windows 11, “hallucination of mismanagement”

During a roundtable called “Open Source, an important ‘contributor’ to GreenIT” at the Open Source Experience fair in Paris in November 2021 (transcription Libre à lire, thanks, April), Tristan Nito, in particular, pointed to the issue of forced updates and its impact on the environment (see this post by my fellow blogger Frédéric Charles “When will the Digitally Responsible OS appear?”):

“For example, Windows 11 is a staggering environmental bug. Why? Because Windows 11 requires the latest hardware to run. If you are a Microsoft Shop, you are dressed in Microsoft from head to toe, you have a problem that sooner or later you will have to upgrade to Windows 11, so replace all your hardware. While we know how to work with these materials that end up with very little wear and tear, open source like GNU/Linux is a lightweight software that allows the material to be made durable so this reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that were the original problem. . “.

Scaleway (formerly Online SAS), created in 1999, is a subsidiary of Iliad, the Xavier Neil group that owns, among other things, Free. Scaleway says it has 25,000 corporate customers, 7 carbon-neutral data centers (in Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw) powered entirely by renewable energy, and 500 employees.

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