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The world is preparing to enter a new era. 5G will help in this technological leap and it will not be exactly via the smartphone. In the vehicle segment too, there will be many changes, especially in terms of autonomous vehicles (which will require 5G networks).

Regarding autonomous cars today, we will meet Trombia Free, a robot that cleans the streets of the city of Helsinki.

Cities are moving towards what we call “smart cities”. The idea is to turn traditional cities into smart cities, providing them with features that can serve citizens.

The change is expected to occur in the most diverse aspects, services being the first.

Trombia Free uses Lidar technology

If the cleaning of a city today lacks enormous logistics, probably with Trombia Free, everything is different.

This self-driving car is 3.52m long and 2.3m wide and has the capacity to clean city streets on its own. For autonomous driving, uses optical remote sensing (Lidar) technology among other technologies.

Trombia Free: the autonomous robot that cleans the streets

According to reports, this vehicle can be driven night or day, regardless of the weather.

Trombia Free: the autonomous robot that cleans the streets

See this vehicle in action ...

As revealed on the NewAtlas website, this vehicle can reach 10 km / h, although it normally operates between 2 km / h and 6 km / h. All of the sweeping and vacuuming technologies on this vehicle have been automated. According to company information, the robot uses less than 15% of the energy required with current technologies.

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