Tronsmart T7 Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoor Use

If you are looking for a durable Bluetooth speaker to accompany your outdoor adventures, you might be interested in the new Tronsmart T7. With a design based on the T6 wireless Bluetooth speaker, the updated T7 features customizable backlighting that will pulsate and flicker to the beat of your music. The speaker comes with a companion Tronsmart app that allows users to easily adjust the EQ modes.

Bluetooth speaker features

“Flexibly select EQ modes to suit different musical tastes. In addition, it can also be used to enjoy exceptional stereo sound with superb clarity in stereo pairing mode. Inheriting the cylindrical design from the T6 series, the T7 Bluetooth speaker is still convenient to use and carry. “

bluetooth speaker design

“People are always interested in various outdoor adventures with friends or families. Whether it’s a walk or a trip to the beach, there’s bound to be a lot of time spent on outdoor activities. How about music? Perhaps bring a portable wireless speaker for background music. But what about outdoor gatherings? That’s why T7 is launching.”

Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

“Now you can go even further with the Tronsmart T7 floorstanding speaker. The IPX7 rating allows you to travel without worrying about bad weather on your way to adventure. In addition, a capacious battery guarantees up to 12 hours of continuous music playback without recharging. Whether it’s cycling, hiking or camping, the T7 will handle whatever adventure life brings with ease.”

Source: Tronsmart

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