Tropico 6: Caribbean Skies extension is available

Following the release of the last Spitter DLC in April, Tropico 6 is now welcoming new downloadable content. Dubbed “Caribbean Skies”, the latter will offer players the biggest expansion ever prepared for the game! Priced at € 14.99, it is already available on the Xbox market. The big innovation is undoubtedly the possibility of using drones as well as cargo planes to deliver goods.

The beloved dicta … uh, leader El Presidente sets out to conquer the skies of Caribbean Skies! The biggest DLC for Tropico 6 to date will have you soaring stronger than ever thanks to drones. Get ready to play a dedicated story-driven campaign with 5 new missions each unlocking new play styles and features. Caribbean Skies takes you on an adventure to save the world and your dear Tropico. As the campaign progresses, meet new characters like wacky scientists and a new adversary, who has no other goal than to lay traps for El Prez and his followers.

The characteristics of the extension:

  • New Story-Based Campaign: Play a new, dedicated storyline featuring 5 completely original missions, each unlocking a new playstyle. Meet new characters and save the world as El Presidente!
  • Drones are here: easily supply the most remote areas with delivery drones or use drone taxis to transport passengers. Keep a close watch on the inhabitants of Tropico with security drones.
  • 8 New Buildings: Get cargo planes and drones to take off with the drone factory, battery factory, freight airport and drone delivery service. Use the drone-taxi service, the Central Intelligence building and the drone home delivery service to immerse yourself and your fellow Tropicans in the world of drones. Hot air balloon tours give you the opportunity to offer tourists a new kind of attraction.
  • 4 new decrees: show economy, Qult Anonymous, Drone economy, Drone recycling
  • 2 new character traits: Drone enthusiast, Qult leader.
  • 3 New Palace Decorations: Give your palate a new lease of life with a miniature version of the mysterious LOUDSPEAKER. Show everyone the techie you are with a squadron of drones carrying Tropico flags. Use a scaled-down version of the inexplicable Fertility Bomb Cannon to show everyone what modern farming means.
  • New Outfit: Wear the new Business-Banana suit, featuring a colorful all-over banana design.

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