Tunic uses the unique features of the PlayStation 5 to enhance the gaming experience.

Tunic has been one of the best indie games in 2022 so far, and soon more players will be able to join the adventures of the swashbuckling little fox cub with the PS4 and PS5 versions coming September 27th, the creator of the game told us. game, Andrew Shouldis, in an interview with Gamescom.

In particular, Shouldice noted that with the PlayStation 5 they were able to take Tunic one step further by taking advantage of one of the console’s unique features, Game Help, and integrating it into Tunic.

“In-Game Assistance is a brand new PS5 feature that allows us to turn on assistance at any time to help you find collectibles or progress through certain stages of the story. And Tunic is a game full of secrets and collectibles in the form of pages written in an unknown language that the fox collects and where there are clues, maps and so on. So if these pages are an extension of the game, PS5 Help is a step up in that feature.

“We’ve found that when people talk about the game and ask for help, other people say, ‘Hey, try looking at page such and such’ or ‘Have you tried looking at this area recently’ and they point them in the right direction. , as Game Help does. »

And while he doesn’t mention it in the video, we’re sure Andrew is also excited about the new version of Tunic for Nintendo Switch, scheduled for the same day as Sony’s September 27 release.

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