TUNICK: Our FAQ on the game!

Introduce us to the little tunic:

Tunic is an adventure game in isometric style Diablo or Hades quote anyone but them. Developed and published by Finji Games, this game is available on Xbox Series, PC and Mac from March 16, 2022. It was when it was ported to Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch that we were able to test the game, which is scheduled for release this year. September 27, 2022. We also invite you to watch the new trailer released for the occasion.

What does it say?

You play as a heroic little fox with a sword who must save the world from invading corruption. To do this, he will have to explore the world around him and face a whole bunch of scary creatures in order to uncover the secrets that this world hides.


What do you think are the positive aspects of the name?

The atmosphere of the game is super exciting. It’s beautiful, it’s colorful, and the game has a very special atmosphere, with very little dialogue, but a captivating soundtrack. Clearly this game is a little indie gem, with fairly simple controls. Some unusual gameplay elements, such as paths to be followed with the navigation bar to open certain chests, also expand on the many challenges the game offers.


What about negative points?

The first negative point that we were able to identify is the fact that objects need to be assigned to certain controller buttons (Square, Triangle and Circle for the Playstation version). As a result, item switching doesn’t always go very smoothly, especially in combat. It can also be noted that some of the puzzles are unreadable, especially when you don’t have all the pages of the manual that you will definitely need to complete in order to (perhaps) understand what certain tests expect from you. Finally, the scenario is a small boat, but this is largely overshadowed by the game’s qualities.


Does the game stand out in any way?

We don’t see games of this type every day, because they are clearly not up to modern standards. However, this is a pleasant surprise and the name will leave us with great memories.

Do you have similar games to tell us so we can get an idea?

When we play Tunic, we directly recall the old school Zelda. Fans of retro games should be delighted!


What areas for improvement would you suggest?

A little more readability on some of the puzzles would have been nice, but this is really a nitpick because the title is really fun to play.

Would you recommend this title to your community?

Without a shadow of a doubt! If you don’t play on PC or Xbox, use the Nintendo Switch or Playstation port, you won’t be disappointed! For our part, we’ve been focusing on earning loot, and the preview should be coming soon!


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