turn around. So Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter… unless…

“Looks like Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter again. But will he go all the way this time? ” asks Mashable.

In a brief letter to Twitter executives given by the SEC on Tuesday to the U.S. stock market cop, Elon Musk announced his desire to buy Twitter on the condition that the courts “immediately suspend the Twitter v. Musk lawsuit.” , and dismiss the lawsuit and all other proceedings,” according to TechCrunch. “In other words, Musk is ready to close the case if he manages to avoid trial.”

Twitter decided to take Elon Musk to court after the billionaire’s decision to back out of the social network’s takeover announced last April for $44 billion – or $54.20 per share. The Tesla boss said Twitter lied about the exact number of fake accounts among its users. The opening of the trial was scheduled for 17 October.

“Predictable Result”

For The Washington Post, this new spread suggests that Elon Musk “realized he was in a more fragile situation than expected as the trial and his testimony approached.” The preliminary hearing revealed the weakness of the Musk camp’s arguments and the risk that the billionaire would have to buy back shares or pay a hefty fine.

“The strangest thing, in the end, is that this outcome was the most predictable,” Ann Lipton, professor of commercial law at Tulane University, told The Verge. “Such cases are always decided before the trial and before the testimony of the principal,” she notes. “The only surprising element is that he failed to bring down the starting price.”

Twitter confirmed that it had received a letter from Elon Musk and “intends to complete the deal at the price per share proposed by Musk’s team” in April, the Washington Post notes. “The company plans to accept the offer, but is waiting for confirmation that the judge will be able to control the process,” because “distrust is in the order of things,” the newspaper adds.

Trump’s return

In fact, “until Musk’s money is physically in Twitter shareholders’ accounts, it’s almost impossible to categorically reject” the fact that the billionaire “could have both,” warns Slate. The Tesla boss “changes his mind like his shirt and is used to making bizarre decisions, even with billions of dollars at stake.”

A firm with a bluebird “may still decide to reject an offer if it believes that[Elon Musk] not serious,” and sue, Mashable notes. “But if the deal goes through,” the billionaire “could own Twitter as early as the end of October.”

That will make at least one happy: Donald Trump’s “chief Twitter,” according to Politico. “Musk has made it clear that he would like the platform to operate with fewer restrictions on what users can say and that he will reinstate Trump,” whose account was permanently closed after the Capitol was stormed. “So the former president could regain his right to twitter just before the 2022 midterms and 2024 presidential elections.”

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