Turtle Beach is getting ready to take you off with its Velocity One Flight

In 2005, Turtle Beach has distinguished itself as a sound pioneer in the world of video games by creating the very first gaming headset for consoles: the X51. Since then, the company has continued to provide quality products to players around the world. Specialized in headsets, however, it offers other accessories such as the Recon Controller which combines audio quality and command quality for example. Today, just after the announcement of the release of Flight Simulator, Turtle Beach presents their brand new toy, and not the least: the Velocity One Flight.

“By collaborating with world-renowned aviation engineers and pilots, Turtle Beach enters the flight simulator category with the release of Flight Simulator for Xbox.”

It is clear that Thrustmaster or Logitech (to name a few) will have to face another competitor. And at first glance, what Turtle Beach offers seems very competitive. We introduce you to the beast.

The Velocity One Flight is an immersive device for flight simulation. Like the controls of an airplane, it is composed of a realistic stick capable of performing 180 ° rotations, but also of a modular “throttle” which will provide a realistic experience thanks to its remote controls. “Double levers and vernier” and its associated programmable buttons, as well as the “compensation trim”.

Turtle Beach also announces that the Velocity One Flight will be equipped with a monitoring screen for displaying statistics in real time and a panel with a multitude of indicators, as well as other more immersive features (analog axes, POV switches, four-way HAT switches and additional programmable buttons, etc.).

While we don’t have a release date yet, we have at least a few things that are curious about it. We also know that it is a universal control system compatible with Xbox One, Xbox series and Windows 10, and if you want to get it, you will still have to pay the price, since it is advertised at 349.99 euros .

Do not hesitate to let us know your feelings and your expectations. Does the price seem justified to you compared to the usual quality of Turtle Beach? We leave you on the product presentation video and we remind you that Flight Simulator is scheduled for Xbox Series on July 27!

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