Tusmo on August 23, 2022, what is the decision of the day?

On Tusmo, you can guess one word a day in six attempts. They can be hard to guess, and we invite you to discover one for August 23, 2022!

There is a new game very much represented on Twitter at the moment: it is Tusmo, a kind of online Motus in which a new word is opened every day, the same for all players. There is another version of this game and it’s called Sutom!

Each of these words begins with a superimposed letter, and clues are given for each challenge according to the letters used. Despite all this, some words are still hard to find and we help you by giving you the answer of the day.

What is the word of August 23, 2022 on Tusmo?

Just like Sutom, only six tries, which will allow you to guess a new word every day. The first letter is given to you to help you, which gives you the first clue to get started. After you’ve used your first try, the game will use a color code to give you additional clues: the red letter is correct and in the right place, the yellow letter is correct but in the wrong place, and the blue letter is in the wrong place. day. With all these elements, you can easily guess the word of the day! If not, below is the current guess:

– This Tuesday, August 23, word of the day on Tusmo: SAVED –

Tusmo example for guessing

As a side note, if this is your first time playing Tusmo, there are a few rules you need to know:

  • You only have six attempts to guess the word
  • Each sentence must begin with a prescribed letter and be in French.
  • Red letters are well spaced, yellow letters are present but out of place, letters without color in the word are not guessed

Visit Tusmo every day to guess a new word and Breakflip to find the solution! You can then share your day’s score on Twitter.


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