Tutorial: How to easily charge your Tesla Model 3?

You bought a Tesla Model 3 or you dream of doing it, but you are asking yourself some practical questions, especially about recharging … and you are absolutely right! In this article, we answer your questions: How does charging your car work? How to do it ? Where to go?

A little theory to start …

First of all, know that you can find Superchargers in a large number of haunted and haunted places.

For example, shopping centers, hotels. And you can even find public infrastructure, where to charge your Tesla Model 3. We recommend that you preheat your battery upwards, to improve efficiency at the charging stations.

The search for these starts from inside the vehicle: you can, through a voice command or directly on your screen, find the list of available Superchargers, with their maximum power. A tab can also be accessed directly on the screen.

Through a list from which you can select charging areas, you will easily find:

  • the number of terminals available,
  • charging power,
  • the price.

All useful information!

Regarding the occupancy costs, there is an hourly limit that should not be exceeded – beyond the one that is billed – to allow a certain rotation and the fact of not occupying the place of other users (when they are already in use more than fifty%).

How to set the upload limit? Also on the screen, you will find a tab that allows you to access the vehicle’s state of charge. You can program the output there and set your battery charge limit.

Simply put, there are two options:

  • the “newspaper” (90%),
  • “Travel” mode (100%).

It makes no sense to use the full capacity of the battery, you just need to optimize your trip as much as possible with the various terminals available.

And now, practice!


With newer vehicles, you no longer have the problem of halving power when two of you are on a charger (that’s for, but power doesn’t follow). If you have an older model and there is room in the cargo area where you are, feel free to leave space with other vehicles.

On a CCS combo like the one you can find, use the bottom connector to charge your Tesla Model 3.

For S and X models, this is the other charger. The correct output will allow you to recharge faster and continuously.

Then when you have the correct grip in hand, press directly on the valve to access the load. Otherwise, press the charger button and the valve opens. Again, there are two ways to do this, choose your favorite! If you want to protect your cargo port, do not hesitate to buy a protection, it can be found very easily on the Internet.

Once everything is plugged in, the outlet closes to prevent it from being accidentally unplugged during charging, and the Tesla logo appears flashing blue. This allows you to retrieve a large amount of data, including your bank details, the location of the load in the first place, as well as the price of the load. All this data is displayed directly on the screen of your Tesla.

The car is charging, what happens on the screen? Here are three important facts:

  • the remaining charging time,
  • charging power,
  • Current autonomy.

Note that you should not be surprised: the more you increase the autonomy, the more energy falls. The charge works like a bottle that is filled to avoid damaging the battery with too strong a charge.

You may think that charging is slow, but if you go for the amount of km / h per hour you gain in a short charge time, the effect is staggering. In less than an hour, you can easily recharge your electric car.

How do I keep busy while my Tesla is charging?

The loading time is minimal. It is consistently less than an hour and runs most often around 10-30 minutes. If we haven’t waited too long, of course! There is a wealth of entertainment accessible from the Tesla screen, including recent games. The parking mode is activated, so nothing can happen to your car. Then you can interact and play with users from all over the world – it’s still great!

If you want to relax in a different way, take advantage of Netflix, Twitch, and Youtube (stable premium connection comes in handy for that!).

Once charging is complete, click on the dedicated tab to unlock the plug. On the charger, the Tesla logo turns white. Remove the plug and the valve closes.

On the road again!

Public charge

Photo of the card that works in the terminals managed by Chargemap

The easiest way to charge your Tesla Model 3 is to opt for a ChargeMap badge: € 20 and your bank details are pre-registered. In addition, it has advantages, such as easy access to available charging stations.

Came to the front of the terminal, grab the type 2 wire and insert the small end into the charging station. If you ever forgot your cable, you can opt for a household outlet (very different charging power, and lower).

Then open the hatch from the inside or manually (as with superchargers). Plug it in and wait for the clip to be sure the plug is seated properly and that there are no bad contacts. You can then place your ChargeMap badge on the terminal, wait for the beep and the light turns green. You are now in charge.

Note: public terminals sometimes degrade, but ChargeMap reacts quickly.

Again, you can trust the display to inform you of:

  • the power delivered by the charger,
  • the remaining duration,
  • your battery percentage.

On the other hand, the price is not displayed because it is not connected in the same way as with a Supercharger. However, you can view your invoice directly in the ChargeMap app.

Little reminder: you have:

  • 11 KWh of power in most public terminals,
  • 3 KWh with the domestic plug,
  • 18 kWh maximum, otherwise.

We hope we have been clear and find you as soon as possible in new articles about electric cars and, more specifically, Tesla and its excellent models.

Source: YouTube.

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