Twenty relatives infected with COVID: Sébastien Duclos “felt irresponsible”

Sébastien Duclos says he and his family have generally followed public health measures since the start of the pandemic. There have been no suspenders for a year now, there are no more beaks, we stay away all the time , He says.

But, according to him, the new year, and then spring, brought a breakdown in his entourage, in particular with regard to wearing a mask. I work as a mechanic, welder, it is not easy to wear a mask. I left it a little loose. Sometimes filmed– the entrepreneur admits.

Chain of contamination

Even if he does not know the exact source of the virus penetrating into his circle, it seems that it was by Easter that everything collapsed.

Sebastian Duclos’ sister and his family came to his home to bring a gift to his children. She comes to bring us little Easter chocolates, we make an exchange. Her husband, my son-in-law, works with me. We thought our family bubble was infallible. They were there 45 minutes, we drank beer together, He says.

At the time, Sébastien Duclos points out that he was more worried about getting a ticket from the police than being infected with COVID-19.

The next day he went to work and his aunt came to visit his wife, who was at home alone.

Symptoms began shortly thereafter.

Relatives hospitalized

A man in his 40s claims that about 20 of his relatives, including family members and colleagues, have been infected. Some had to be hospitalized, including his wife. Four of them were placed in intensive care, including his aunt, who had a particularly hard time.

55 years old, in intensive care, seven days. The first days were critical, we didn’t know what would happen next. It was a disaster for something we could avoid

A few weeks later, shame still gnaws at him.

I felt like this cheapI felt like a tough guy who took his tank and hit someone. I felt like an irresponsible person.

Quote from:Sebastian Duclos

He himself can testify to the destructive effect of the virus. I was very ill. I’m a guy who works 80-100 hours, I don’t have time to get sick. But when he spanks, spanks like a tabaret. Worse, it’s not just the flu


After the events, Sebastian Duclos claims to have raised his vigilance again. He decided to publicly share his experience in order to make the public understand the importance of following the instructions, especially in the face of new options.

He doesn’t want others to go through what he went through. If we are not careful, this will never stop. Nobody can tell me it’s just flu, H1N1, R2D2, it isn’t

In collaboration with Bruno Savard

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