Twitch: 9 streamers to watch right now

Big winner of the confinement, the Twitch platform has exploded its number of viewers and in addition to the annual Zevent event, several renowned streamers have revealed themselves to the general public. This is the perfect opportunity to ride the wave and introduce you to several content creators you might like.

Here is a first necessarily subjective list, often aimed at experienced gamers or often with a lot of benevolence for entertainment.

Among the most popular

The most famous of the Waluigi on scooters is in the news every week, since it launched some time ago a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament played by many participants (including viewers) every Sunday. An unmissable event for the community of “flowers” of Ponce, accustomed to the lives of Mario games. The streamer can also be seen a few times on FIFA 21, Among Us or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt streams.

The chain of Ponce

Twitch: 9 streamers to watch right now

The number one French-speaking streamer, that’s her. Don’t be fooled by her gorgeous tone of voice exhibited on Twitch Sings, Trivia aka LittleBigWhale is formidable to coldly take down anything that moves on Apex Legends, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and especially on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The Ambassador of Team Vitality in charge of FPS also does a lot of good games on Among Us.

The LittleBigWhale Channel

Twitch: 9 streamers to watch right now

Even if we needed a strategy guarantee in our list, Alphacast is a streamer to recommend for his good humor and the passion he exudes in his streams. Yes, under the armies of the Warhammer universe there is a heart. Fan of RTS well nags, recently involved in Valheim or Total War: Three Kingdoms, Alphacast also offers very specific lives on the collection of Warhammer figurines.

The Alphacast Channel

Twitch: 9 streamers to watch right now

Finally ! After several cancellations, the Speedons charity marathon organized by Xavier Dang alias Mister MV took place at the beginning of the month (March 5 to 7). An event broadcast live from the AccorHotelArena to collect donations for the Médecins Du Monde association in the style that has revealed the streamer for a while: The Speedrun. But beware, MV is not locked into this style at all, and has been offering some good times over the past few weeks on Teamfight Tactics, in FIFA 21 Pro Clubs mode without forgetting the participation in the MK tournament in Ponce Sundays. Still one of the French bosses of the platform.

Mister MV’s channel

Twitch: 9 streamers to watch right now

Forget the painful end of What the Cut and his YouTube adventure, Antoine Daniel is much happier on Twitch, and it shows. If there are any recurrences, the Double Lord of Sealand’s stream schedule is very varied, ranging from classic Sunday Geomerding fight, Antoine Daniel’s specialty (GeoGuessr competition between streamers including MisterJDay, Jussetain or AngleDroit), Among Us sessions as J34nC4st3x assassinated on cameras, or other adventures on Portal 2 or Sea of ​​Thieves. Special mention to his recent streams on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, where the streamer uses his GoXLR to change voices during dialogues. Great art.

Antoine Daniel’s chain

Twitch: 9 streamers to watch right now

If he was recently seen hosting the Good Game Show, a video game culture game between streamers, Doigby was also at the organization of the exciting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe battle streamer between several personalities in the field. In addition, the ex pro player League of Legends offers a lot of Battle Royale streams between Fortnite, Apex or Call of Duty: Warzone.

Doigby’s chain

In the niche

  • Blitzstream in Safe Mode
Twitch: 9 streamers to watch right now

Far from the classic programs and games that can be found on Twitch, the Blitzstream channel focuses on mainly on the online chess game The national chess master Kévin Bordi takes the opportunity to present games in an educational way, challenge opponents in Blitz (quick games) or comment alone or with speakers on the tournaments of the French player Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. Since 2020, the number of viewers has exploded and the head of the anti-pleutre squad even coached several other streamers as Skyyart, Sardoche or Domingo.

The Blitzstream Channel

Excluding JV

Twitch: 9 streamers to watch right now

Apart from video game streamers, a personality has quickly made his way: 60,000 more followers the last month, 11,000 viewers on average at each stream without doing JV, Samuel Etienne is interviewed in all the media and Because. The presenter of the game show Questions pour un Champion, journalist at France Info bursts the screen with his program “The morning is yours”. A press review to learn and sing the praises of the struggling paper press with a very nice atmosphere in the chat despite many sensitive topics. Nicknamed Mr Chibre by his cat, the member of “FC humble” is very educational and benevolent in his presentation, like the way he entered the Twitch universe with the help of the streamer stars.

Samuel Etienne’s chain

And also…

Twitch: 9 streamers to watch right now

And also, a little crush and a nod to a former member of the house, Lam Hua. The former presenter of the Journal is well into the Twitch game, with a lot of very constructive discussions around financial themes, as well as debates with several speakers between a few sessions of Among Us, Sea of ​​Thieves or Gartic Phone (often in the company of Panthaa). With more than 4000 additional followers since the beginning of February, we wish him good times on the platform and we recommend to lovers of eco sections (bitcoins, financial markets etc.) to follow the charming guy.

Lam_Hua’s chain

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