Twitch: ask your questions to the journalists of Sciences et Avenir – La Recherche and go behind the scenes of the editorial staff

Everything you always wanted to know about writing Sciences et Avenir – Research, without ever having dared to ask, we are going to reveal it to you! This is indeed the subject of our next stream, on the Twitch channel of Science and the Future (, Thursday April 29 at 5:30 p.m. On the program: our manufacturing secrets, the making-of of the production of our magazine, the profile of the journalists and the entire team, the diversity of professions and skills that our print and web editors combine … this within the reach of a few lines typed on your keyboard for 1h30 live.

Journalists from Science and the Future meet you on Twitch

How do you choose a cover subject? What kind of surveys do editors conduct before proposing a subject that will be covered in our columns? How do they appeal to researchers from different disciplines in order to nourish and support their texts? Do you wonder if heated discussions precede the final choice of a photograph or a cover title? If following a hot topical event requires the flexibility and responsiveness of a top athlete? If so, then the “backstage” meeting, which will be regular on the Twitch channel of Science and the Future-Research and that we are inaugurating this Thursday, April 29, is timely.

We invite you to discover the design and development of the cover file for our number 891 (dated May 2021) on The Ends of the Universe with journalists Franck Daninos and Fabrice Nicot. They explored the cosmos to the farthest galaxy, 13.4 billion light years away! Without quite reaching this distance, but in any case propelled to very high altitude, the journalist Sylvie Rouat will also tell the exploits carried out by a team of scientists on the summit of Everest, in order to implant the equipment necessary for a series of geology and meteorological experiments.

“The form is the content that rises to the surface

And since – in the words of Victor Hugo readily quoted by our editorial director – “the form is the content that rises to the surface“, we give relentless attention to photography and illustrations more broadly. They play a vital role in our publication, and Andreina De Bei, Head of the Photo Department, will be present to explain the functionality of this imagery component to you, where all the thoughts about a magazine in the making converge. If you are intrigued? Join us this Thursday, April 29 on the Twitch channel of Science and the Future.

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