Twitch continues to dominate the video game streaming market by far

The coronavirus pandemic is making a lot of losers but also some winners. Among them, we find the big players in video game streaming who have seen their audiences explode since the start of the health crisis. We were already telling you last April about these many records broken by Twitch. Thus, the undisputed leader of the live stream saw viewing hours increase by 23% between February and March to exceed the billion mark. Over one year, the increase in attendance was even 17% and 19.5% in terms of the number of simultaneous viewers.

All departments have reason to celebrate the past three months

We recently learned of a study by the company Streamlabs which publishes the live broadcasting software well known to streamers. The figures for the third quarter confirm the trend observed at the start of the year. In all, audiences watched over 7.46 billion hours of content across all live streaming platforms. This is certainly a slight decrease compared to the second quarter: 7.71 billion, but an increase of 91.8% year on year. Thus, in 2019, this total stood at 3.89 billion hours watched.

In detail, Twitch continues to outrageously dominate the sector and accounts for 91.1% of hours viewed, even if we observe a decrease of 377 million in its total. However, the platform makes up for it by setting a new record for the number of hours streamed: 205.6 million.

YouTube Gaming is also doing well by obtaining the best increase in hours watched in the third quarter: + 155 million compared to the previous three months.

Finally, Facebook Gaming can also rejoice. Streamlabs says its growth has exploded over the past three quarters. The service was also able to recover some former streamers of Mixer which closed its doors last June.


By: Twitch Interactive, Inc

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