Twitch hacked: part of the code and income of streamers available on the network –

On Tuesday, October 5, a hacker claimed to have stolen confidential information from the streaming platform. He claims to have in his possession part of the source code of the site, the SDKs, the history of payments made to the transmitters and a series of software that is used internally to test the computer security of the network.

It also claims that other data has been stolen and that the information disclosed is only the “first part”. A delicate case, which Twitch discovered on Monday. The company has yet to communicate about this violation.

“We can confirm that a breach has occurred. Our teams are urgently working to understand its scope,” the company tweeted on Wednesday, October 6. “We will update the community as more information becomes available.”

A tense context with streamers

A case that may not help in matters between the platform and the content creators. While Twitch had already done a major bot cleanup in April of this year, streamers went on strike last month.

Twitch is a social video network dedicated mainly to gamers, it allows you to broadcast your video game sessions live, watch those of others, attend esports tournaments, etc.

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The content creators denounce the lack of action on the part of the service provider in the face of the upsurge in “incursions of hate”. The technique consists of flooding the channel cat with insulting messages, especially in relation to skin color, religion, sexual orientation … In extreme cases, unbearable images or calls to suicide complete the flood.

It is in this context that a list with the income of some streamers appeared. For obvious privacy reasons, we will not broadcast it here. However, some streamers like Zerator have confirmed the veracity of this list.

An indiscretion that may not calm tensions between Twitch and its users since the income generated, some of which reaches 6 figures, can be a source of mysteries and secrets.

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