Twitch – Top 10 French Streamers Aug 22-28, 2022 & Monthly Recap: Back to School

What streamers and events celebrated the Twitch game last week and last month? France European Champion in Mario Kart, MultiVersus Edition, France performances at Riot Summer Rumble and the end of the holidays and soon ZEVENT 2022!

August 2022 TWITCH Rankings

The holidays have come to an end, and with them the month of August. Let’s take a look at the stats for your favorite French streamers for August. The first place goes to Kamet0, with whom you were able to follow Kcorp’s matches in LoL and Rocket League, as well as his gaming discoveries, accompanied by Kotei, Bibi and sometimes others. Just behind that, JLtomy comes in second with more GTA RP, multi-gaming, and few vlogs. Finally, the third position is occupied by Jbzz, which pleases you with Valorant. Middle of the table in order: Ponce is fourth, Chow1 is fifth, Stars is sixth, ZeratoR is seventh and Aminematue is eighth. Finally, the last two places in the ranking are occupied by Teuf, ninth, and TheKAIRI78, last.

No changes to the web TV table. OTPlol remains in first place, Solary Hearthstone remains in second, and Solary’s main chain remains in third place.

We wrap up the month with a return to video games. League of Legend, GTA V and Valorant once again take the podium, Call of Duty Warzone is in fourth place, and Fortnite drops to the last position.

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