Twitter absorption: Elon Musk wants to fire 50% of employees, the fate of employees will be recorded by e-mail

New owner Elon Musk wants to save a billion a year.

Twitter temporarily closed its offices on Friday after telling employees they would be notified via email later that day about their future at the company, which is promised a major layoff plan. The move follows a week of uncertainty about the band’s future under new owner Elon Musk.

Employees who will keep their jobs will be notified by email sent to their work email address, those who will be laid off will receive a message to their personal email address. “In order to get Twitter on the right track, on Friday we will have to begin the difficult process of reducing our workforce.”it’s written in an internal email.

New owner Elon Musk wants to drastically cut costs and introduce a new “work ethic” by cutting some 3,700 jobs, or half of the workforce. The billionaire asked Twitter teams to find up to one billion dollars (about one billion euros) a year in infrastructure savings.

A class-action lawsuit was filed Thursday in a San Francisco court against Twitter by its employees, who allege the group is firing employees without 60 days’ notice in violation of federal and California laws.

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The social network also explains in an email that its offices will be temporarily closed and access passes will be deactivated in order to “to ensure the safety of every employee, as well as Twitter systems and customer data”. The group’s office in Piccadilly Circus, London, appeared deserted on Friday, without employees.

The billionaire did not address the staff or lay out his plans for the group’s future. Employees are trying to find clues to their whereabouts in his tweets and those of his advisers, according to several employees. Team leaders are currently prohibited from calling meetings or talking directly to staff, a senior Twitter official said.

Employees have largely stopped posting on Slack’s internal work messaging service for fear of retaliation from their new bosses.

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