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Elon Musk has finally completed the takeover of Twitter. What is your position in the social network after the change of direction?

Elon Musk arrives with a shell at Twitter headquarters // Source: Elon Musk

“The bird is free.” It was with this phrase that Elon Musk, the eccentric boss of Tesla, Space-X, and now Twitter, confirmed the completion of the takeover of the social network. Teasingly, he arrived at the offices with a shell in hand to play on the meaning of the word “shell” (“shell” in French) and the expression “let it sink”, which could be translated as “meditate on it.” “. Let’s hope for him – and especially for the company’s employees – that this is not a bad omen, announcing that Twitter will sink (“sink”) …

The wind of panic on the wings of Twitter

Given the highly visible nature of the quirky entrepreneur, the takeover of Twitter raises a lot of concerns, especially regarding moderation. The richest man in the world has already made it clear that he wants to keep extreme freedom of expression on the platform before being reminded that some freedoms begin where others’ freedoms… and that in some countries it’s even made into law. . The “openness to all” that Elon Musk proclaims is already worrying those who see it as a validation of the venomous and oppressive language already very present online, or even harassment.

We can also already read messages from people announcing they are leaving Twitter to reach out to Mastodon, for example. However, as we know, calls for a social media boycott are rare. In January 2021, many of you told us that you would be leaving WhatsApp after changing the terms of service, but how many of them returned?

So the question for Twitter today is what are you going to do with your account?


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