Twitter calls Elon Musk’s claims ‘factually inaccurate’ – Reuters

Twitter has denied billionaire Elon Musk’s claims that the company “cheated” him into signing a $44 billion deal to buy the social media platform.

Musk, who is trying to back out of the deal, filed a counterclaim against Twitter last week in the Delaware Court of Chancery. In July, Twitter sued Musk to enforce the merger deal and alleged that the billionaire was trying to back out of the company’s acquisition because his personal fortune had plummeted and the purchase had therefore become more expensive.

Musk claims that Twitter did not provide him with information confirming that less than 5% of Twitter’s more than 220 million daily users were targeted for spam or spoofing, which is an important indicator for understanding Twitter’s advertising activities. The billionaire claims Twitter misrepresented or omitted information that could shed light on the company’s value.

In a 127-page lawsuit in response to Musk’s allegations, Twitter called Musk’s claims “incredible and contrary to the facts as they appear.” Twitter shared the document publicly on Twitter on Thursday, escalating a legal dispute with the billionaire.

“When Twitter filed a lawsuit to protect its rights and revealed the weakness of those reasons, Musk spent weeks looking for other alleged reasons – counterclaims – that offer an entirely new set of justifications for violating it. Counterclaims are factual facts for litigation that are contrary to evidence and common sense,” the legal document says.

Twitter said it never misled Musk, as the company had previously reported that there were limits on its estimates of spam or fake accounts, and the number could be higher. Musk says spam or fake accounts are at least 10%, but Twitter said “Musk doesn’t measure the same way Twitter does, and doesn’t even use the same data as Twitter.”

Musk’s attorney, Mike Ringler, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On October 17, Twitter and Musk will stand trial if they don’t reach an agreement. Twitter shareholders are due to vote on the deal at an extraordinary meeting on September 13.

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