Twitter. Elon Musk convinced Larry Ellison (Oracle). And do Israelis support Musk?

The Twitter takeover is in full swing for the Tesla boss. Elon Musk has raised $7.14 billion from a group of investors to back his Twitter takeover bid. “They include Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, and cryptocurrency platform Binance.”

Note that Larry Alison is Jewish and has already invested in Israel. Multibillionaire Larry Ellison, who sits on Tesla’s board of directors, is contributing $1 billion, “making him the biggest backer” of the operation, according to US business media.

In Israel, billionaire friends of Elon Musk (there are many) did not speak publicly. But it is clear that Israeli officials are closely following the events in the capital of Twitter, which plays an incredible role in shaping world public opinion.


Binance, “which may have benefited from Elon Musk’s unconditional love for cryptocurrencies, is committing $500 million.”

This massive investment “virtually reduces the personal risks that Elon Musk must take to complete the $44 billion operation,” the Wall Street Journal comments. This “fresh money” will halve the amount of personal credit that the founder of Tesla and Space X took out.

political risk.

“Tesla’s boss is struggling to secure outside funding and pursue his audacious offer to take over the social network, while conventional venture capital funds have largely failed,” notes the Financial Times.

Except that “participation in Twitter comes with a certain political risk,” explains the Wall Street Journal. The WHO notes that these new financiers “in many ways reflect Elon Musk’s personal relationships with startup investors and the billions of dollars his companies have returned to their shareholders.”

Saudi twist.

Thus, Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal agreed to invest his 35 million Twitter shares, equivalent to $1.9 billion. This nephew of King Salman of Saudi Arabia “at first rejected Elon Musk’s proposal, believing it underestimated Twitter,” Wall Street daily emphasizes.

Elon Musk led his campaign to buy Twitter in April, “a deal worth about $44 billion due to close at the end of this year,” CNN recalls. The social network accepted the offer when Tesla’s CEO announced that it had “raised $46.5 billion in funding,” including a loan from major investment bank Morgan Stanley.

On Thursday, Twitter’s stock was “more than 3%, indicating that this new funding strengthens investors’ confidence in the acquisition,” according to online media of the American network.

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