Twitter: Elon Musk has very good news for users!

On March 5, Elon Musk delivered some great news for Twitter users. News that will delight!

This time around, Elon Musk delivered some good news on Twitter. And that goes for social messaging. But what is it really about? To find out, just go to the following lines.

Tesla boss in turmoil?

When we talk about “good” news, it’s because the Tesla boss hasn’t always been unanimous. Moreover, he became the owner of the Blue Bird social network. Indeed, his decisions were often controversial.

And we don’t talk tweets from the new boss from Twitter that invaded our feed. No, if the businessman has been talked about a lot in recent weeks, it’s because of a funny decision he made. Especially when he fired an employee.

Not because the latter was to blame. Rather, he did not honor his work. But only because he gave her reason for the low reach of his tweets. According to engineer Elon Musk, if he no longer manages to reach that many people on his social network, it’s because he’s “less interested.”

An answer that did not satisfy the interested director. That’s why Tesla’s boss decided to fire him… What a surprise. However, after a few weeks, he seemed to calm down.

Indeed, Elon Musk is focusing a little more on his work and offering solutions to improve Twitter. If he thinks about reveal the application algorithmhe announced another piece of news that should please many Internet users.

But what is it? If we tell you what it is about social network messaging in the bluebird? You may have understood that we meant encryption of private messages. A lot can change at this level.

Elon Musk announces big news for Twitter posts

It was this weekend that the businessman made his announcement. Explaining that Private Message Encryption will be launched in March! Great news as Video Games points out…but what does it consist of?

“We are looking to roll out the ability to respond to DMs. Using any reaction emoticons. And also encryption later this month.” Recently informed Elon Musk about the planned news on Twitter.

Encryption will please many Internet users. Since this security was requested by twitters a long time ago. Moreover, this “service” is offered by other platforms besides Twitter. And for a long time.

And, in particular, the rivals of the Blue Bird app. Because Facebook, WhatsApp or even Signal have the right to do so. Our colleagues also remind of an important point. That messages are not protected without encryption.

In particular against intrusion or data theft. If this is good news, our colleagues are raising an important issue. Will all Internet users be eligible? Or is it an option for Twitter Blue owners? Answer in a few days or a few weeks.

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