Twitter: Elon Musk sends an incredible email to his employees asking them to quickly make decisive choices for their future

Between working 84 hours a week or losing your job, the choice is hard. In both cases, the losses are significant. But in Elon Musk it is. This Wednesday, November 16, the new Twitter boss gave his employees an ultimatum: stick to his vision for the platform completely or quit their jobs immediately. Employees have until Thursday 5:00 pm New York time to sign a pledge if they want to keep their jobs (and give up their personal lives). Those who fail to sign the pledge will be fired and receive three months’ salary compensation. All employees are strongly encouraged to follow this new approach by checking the yes box provided by the link inside the email. “In order to create a revolutionary Twitter 2.0 and succeed in an increasingly competitive world, we need to be extremely thorough,” the platform’s new shareholder wrote in an internal email. He adds: “It means working long hours at high intensity. Only an exceptional performance will be worth enough credit.”

The entrepreneur appears to be taking the same approach for Twitter as he does for Tesla and SpaceX. He also enlisted engineers from his flagship Tesla to help him assess Twitter’s employees before laying off 50% of the platform’s employees just a week after it was taken over. Having seen the dismissal of the top executives of the company, Elon Musk has now found that he alone or almost completely controls the social network and does not hesitate to create an alarming atmosphere with a lot of reinforcement of threats and sudden decisions. Several engineers have also been fired since Monday for questioning or criticizing the new Twitter boss.

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This content can also be viewed on the site where it came from.

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