Twitter: Elon Musk will release alternative smartphones if the app disappears from the App Store and Play store

If the Twitter app disappears from iOS and Android systems, Elon Musk may well counterattack by releasing his own alternative smartphone.

Elon Musk warns. If Twitter disappears from the App Store and Play Store, the American billionaire might well be tempted to add a string to his bow by designing his own smartphone. After autonomous Tesla cars, reusable SpaceX rockets, and paid Twitter certificates, why not actually get into mobile telephony. The American industrialist does not make the first attempts in terms of innovation. Recall, for example, that Elon Musk has already built and sold flamethrowers in the past. The smartphone in the end would be a pretty logical continuation.

Twitter on smartphone © Pixabay

However, there is nothing to worry about at the moment. According to information published by Musk, this initiative will see the light of day only as a last resort. Indeed, a billionaire will not necessarily want to enter this market. However, he would have done so without hesitation if the App Store and his Android cousin had left him no choice.

Content moderation of the social network in question

This clear position will come as a result of Apple and Google reaffirming the need for social apps to meet certain specifications in order to qualify for their online marketing. The characteristics that these apps should follow have a lot to do with content moderation. However, many recent elements already show a certain degradation of Twitter’s moderation services. In addition, Elon Musk’s recent stance on the rehabilitation of all Twitter accounts suspended in the past indicates more laxity on the part of the moderators of the social network here. So the question is how far these threats will go. Recall that Apple has already removed the Parler social network from its App Store due to a violation of these obligations.


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