Twitter employee forced to challenge Elon Musk online to see if he’s fired

Increasingly insane or even socially violent scenes on the social network Twitter. It’s only been four months since Elon Musk bought Twitter and suddenly laid off half of the staff, but the boss continues to lay off employees and stir up controversy, questioning the platform’s ability to survive.

A lunar exchange took place this Tuesday between the billionaire and eccentric owner of the American giant and one of his employees. The latter called his “boss” to see if he was still part of the company. “Dear Elon Musk, nine days ago my work computer was disabled along with 200 other employees. However, the HR manager was unable to confirm whether I am an employee or not,” Halli Thorleifsson tweeted.

After several hours of radio silence while the employee’s message is widely circulated, Elon Musk asks him what department he works in. A response from an employee (senior product design director) leads to a confusing new message from Tesla’s boss: two hilarious emojis.

Mass layoffs

While the discussion is now being seen by 31 million people, the poor employee finds out by email from the HR department that he has indeed been fired. “We haven’t hired a manager for four months”, “What changes have you made to help young people? “, – coldly says Elon Musk.

“Companies have the right to fire people, that’s their right, but in general they keep people informed. On Twitter, this is clearly not necessary, Halli Thorleifsson regrets. It is not easy for me to come to terms with the fact that the richest man in the world is at the other end of the chain and potentially refuses to honor contracts.”

Since the end of October, between social plans, resignations and personally fired engineers for criticizing Elon Musk, the company has already grown from 7,500 to 2,000 employees, according to estimates from the daily and other specialist publications such as The Information.

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