Twitter formally sues Elon Musk for breach of takeover deal | Hip Hop Corner: French Rap, US News and Culture

Recently, the American press has insistently reported this, and now something has been recorded. Twitter decided to sue the CEO of Tesla for violating the takeover agreement.

Twitter and Elon Musk to Sue

On Tuesday, July 12, the board of directors of the aforementioned social platform filed a complaint with the court of the US state of Delaware against a wealthy businessman of South African origin. The reason for this complaint is nothing less than a breach of the buyout agreement between the latter and Twitter.

Recall that both sides agreed on a $44 billion offer to sell the social network in question long before the Pretoria native pulled out of the case. Thus, Twitter intends to force the latter to complete the operation and accuses him of organizing a public staging, considering himself above contract laws after he “offered and then signed” a takeover settlement agreement. “Elon Musk thinks he is free to change his mind, crash the company, disrupt its operations, destroy shareholder value and leave. says a document filed by Twitter executives with the court.

Recall that the man, who for some time was considered the richest in the world, walked out of this case, saying that the board of directors of the social network would not fulfill its obligations, providing, in particular, erroneous or incomplete data on the number of fake accounts. Accusations that were denied by Twitter with the last bit of vigor.

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