Twitter is reactivating the account of Nick Fuentes, an American neo-Nazi star.

The young man is especially known for his racist, anti-Semitic, negative, homophobic and macho stance.

Elon Musk’s battle for what he calls “free speech” seems to be taking a new turn. According to several US media outlets, Nick Fuentes’ Twitter account has been reactivated by the platform in the past few hours. The latter, followed by about 150,000 people, immediately posted messages welcoming the decision.

Banned by Twitter in 2021, Nick Fuentes has already been banned from his Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as his YouTube channel. The spread of racist or anti-Semitic statements is questionable. His return to Twitter comes just weeks after Elon Musk took control of the platform. The latter has repeatedly spoken out in favor of the reactivation of many accounts suspended in the name of freedom of speech.

As the Journal de Montréal recalled last November, Nick Fuentes took many radical positions, calling for a ban on homosexuality, an end to women’s suffrage, a return of racist attitudes among young people, or even the expulsion of Jews from the United States. . He also denied the Holocaust several times, demonstrating his admiration for Adolf Hitler.

Despite this return, Twitter may be forced to suspend some tweets in certain countries where those posts would be illegal. For example, reports of Holocaust denial in France, where such comments are punishable by law.

If Elon Musk repeatedly advocated the greatest possible freedom of expression, the businessman nevertheless had to remove some users, in particular, journalists responsible for monitoring his activities, or an Internet user who shares the position of his private jet.

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