Twitter is removing banned content, but not fast enough, says Russia

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Twitter is now complying with Russian authorities’ request to remove banned content as requested but the process is taking too long, the Russian Federal Communications Monitoring Agency (Roskomnadzor) said on Friday. .

At this stage, the American group has removed 60% of the content banned since Russia slowed down access to the social network in March, said Roskomnadzor.

Of the 3,000 publications targeted by a ban at the start of the year, more than 1,000 are still accessible, the agency said.

Russia has decided to extend the slowdown in access to Twitter until May 15, while welcoming the efforts made by the American group to remove content deemed illegal.

Twitter removes reported new content within 81 hours on average, while the law imposes a maximum deadline of 24 hours, the Russian agency said.

More than 900 new suicide, pornography and drug related content have been reported since the Twitter access slowdown began on March 10.

(Anton Kolodyazhnyy and Alexander Marrow, French version Claude Chendjou, edited by Jean-Stéphane Brosse)

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