Twitter is testing its button to edit tweets

Tired of deleting a badly written tweet in order to completely rewrite it? This may end soon. Twitter, which has been working on a button to correct an already posted message for several months, has moved to a new stage, specifically testing the “Edit Tweet” functionality. This option has long been requested by some social network users who regret that they cannot modify messages containing errors or unwanted wording because they were written too quickly or under the influence of emotions.

Version history of tweets can be accessed

Elon Musk, who is currently in a legal battle with Twitter over the takeover of the platform, has repeatedly backed the request. The group eventually gave in and announced in April that they were working on the possibility.

On Thursday, he clarified that the feature is currently being tested by its internal teams and that it will be available to Twitter Blue paid plan subscribers “in the coming weeks.” The formula is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

“As with any new feature, we are voluntarily testing the Edit Tweet feature with a limited audience to help us identify and fix potential issues before making it available to everyone,” Twitter said in a statement. “Through testing, we hope to quickly understand how it is being used and how it affects the way people read and tweet,” the group adds.

The test will not necessarily be permanent for all users of the social network, the spokesman clarifies. The new feature currently allows tweets to be edited multiple times within 30 minutes of posting, and the edited tweets will be accompanied by symbols to clearly indicate that the original post has been corrected. You will be able to access earlier versions of the message. This is to “protect the integrity of the conversation” and “allow everyone to see what was said,” Twitter said.

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