Twitter: its founder regrets turning it into a company

Twitter has been constantly in the spotlight in recent months. After weeks of waiting, Elon Musk formalized his intention to buy the microblogging platform. And the agreement between the two sides was reached in April in the amount of $44 billion.

Issues tied for Twitter

While this should be a mere formality, the deal is ultimately not completed. Indeed, Elon Musk took issue with how Twitter calculates the percentage of bots and fake accounts present on the platform, and this one ended up pulling out of the deal.

However, Twitter wants to enforce the terms of the deal and force Musk to buy the company. Thus, the two sides are confronted today in a legal battle in the US.

And as if that weren’t enough, Twitter’s former head of IT security recently filed a US complaint accusing the platform of serious breaches in protecting its users’ data.

For Jack Dorsey, Twitter wasn’t supposed to be a business.

It is in this context (with also reference to platform moderation) that Twitter founder Jack Dorsey recently expressed his biggest regret about the microblogging platform. In response to a question from a netizen, Dorsey said his biggest regret and biggest problem with Twitter is that it has become a business.

For him, Twitter was supposed to be a protocol that would not belong to the state or company. The founder of Twitter would like to make it a decentralized system comparable to bitcoin or email.

Mastodon already exists, and Jack Dorsey also wanted to create a protocol for which Twitter could become a client

Moreover, it should be noted that a decentralized alternative to Twitter already exists. This is Mastodon, whose work is often compared to email.

But after a short buzz after its inception, it failed to make itself known alongside the big online platforms. However, it should be remembered that before leaving the management of Twitter, Jack Dorsey laid the first foundation for creating a mechanism that would allow for a decentralized social network, of which Twitter would later become a client.

“The reason I have such a passion for #Bitcoin has a lot to do with the model it exhibits: a fundamental Internet technology that is not controlled or influenced by any individual or entity. This is what the internet wants to be, and there will be more and more of it over time,” Dorsey said in January 2021.

“We are trying to contribute by funding an initiative around an open decentralized social media standard. Our goal is to become the customer of this standard for the public communication layer on the Internet, ”he also explained, while still being the head of Twitter.

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