Twitter Madness: Arcom also has a say

Arcom (Audiovisual and Digital Communications Regulatory Authority) is trying to make its voice heard in the cacophony that Elon Musk has maintained in recent weeks.

Earlier this week, French authorities reminded Twitter of their “commitment” to combat disinformation and hate content. Arcom also expresses “deep concern” about the mass layoffs, AFP notes.

Twitter has decided to part ways with half of its employees, or 3,700 people, and about 75% of its service providers. That’s where Arcom’s concern comes from. Because last year, Twitter told CSA, Arcom’s predecessor, to hire 1,867 people to “enforce (its) policies and moderate content,” or “more than a third” of its “global workforce.”

“Twitter’s ability to maintain a secure environment”

Hence Arcom’s questions about Twitter’s “ability to maintain a secure environment” for its users.

Especially since Twitter must, in Arcom’s words, “combat information manipulation” under a 2018 law that requires web giants to set up accountability systems and report their efforts to Arcom, who can advise them. Twitter is also “subject to all means obligations” to combat hateful content under the Digital Economy Trust Act.

Therefore, Arcom asks the social network to “inform it about the short-term development of human and technological resources” by November 24, which are designed to combat the manipulation of information.

Twitter: 5.6 million unique visitors per day in France

The social network had 5.6 million unique visitors per day in France in September, according to Médiametrie.

Earlier this week, Damien Ville, director of Twitter France, announced his departure from the company. On November 4, Damien Wiel posted a message of support to Twitter users: “All my thoughts, my respect, my energy and my love for all of today’s tweeps around the world. Together we have created the most amazing app on the planet. Let’s be proud of everything we’ve done and how we’ve done it. »

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