Twitter officially bans all third-party apps

Twitter just confirmed that it is no longer allowing third party developers to create Twitter clients. Exit TweetDeck, end Echofon. The information was quietly passed in an update to the API usage document.

A new clause under the heading “Restrictions” states that developers cannot “create a service or product that replaces or is similar to the Twitter apps.”

So this wording effectively bans all third party apps like Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Aviary, Echofon, Birdie and more. Which means third-party Twitter apps won’t be making a comeback just yet.

Twitter will be able to show ads to all users of its platforms

So why ? By removing third-party Twitter applications, Twitter will be able to serve ads to all users of its platforms.

Twitter users who have used these apps will now need to use the official Twitter app for iOS or Android, or the web version.

Last week, Twitter stopped providing API access to the main Twitter clients, causing them to stop working. But as of last week, no explanation has been provided as to why the APIs were unavailable.

10 years of success, third-party apps disappear

Twitter remained silent until last Tuesday, when it was rather cryptically announced that it was “enforcing long-standing API rules”.

Third-party apps that provide access to Twitter have been around for over a decade and have been very popular with those who didn’t like the default Twitter interface. And their success is due to their ability to offer more interesting and practical interfaces and features, especially for professionals, than the Twitter interface.

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