Twitter reorganizes after former team leader allegations of security breaches

(AOF) — According to an internal memo seen by Reuters, Twitter has decided to review the organization of the groups responsible for fighting inappropriate content and automated accounts. This choice was made following a complaint filed by the company’s former head of security, Peter Zatko. The latter pointed out the shortcomings of the social network in a document sent in July to the US Congress, as well as to the regulator of US financial markets, the SEC.

He argues that Twitter cannot accurately estimate how many bots are polluting the social network, and that potential disadvantages come from having outdated servers and software that is vulnerable to attack.

He even claims that Twitter would deceive regulators about the measures it takes to fight piracy and protect its users’ privacy.

His accusations could have explosive consequences in the lawsuit between Elon Musk and Twitter. The American billionaire abandoned the plan to take over Twitter, accusing the Blue Bird social network of misleading him about the number of monetized accounts.



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