Twitter sued for non-payment of rent for San Francisco office

Twitter stopped paying rent for its offices for a few weeks. So the owner of the San Francisco offices is suing the social network for not paying more than $136,000 already.

After Elon Musk was sued for firing more women than men from Twitter, it was society’s turn to face legal trouble. Indeed, Twitter has been accused of not paying rent for its offices in weeks. So much so that the owner of the San Francisco offices is suing the bluebird for not paying more than $136,000.

Twitter offices in San Francisco © osunpokeh, CC BY-SA 4.0

San Francisco is the headquarters of Twitter. It is located on the 30th floor of the Hartford Building at 650 California Street. Elon Musk even converted offices there into dormitories to encourage his employees to work more and sleep there. However, Twitter no longer pays rent. But why ? According to a New York Times report, Twitter has stopped paying rent for all of its offices around the world to save money.

Twitter failed to pay $136,250 in rent to the owner of its San Francisco headquarters.

Bloomberg reported that Twitter is behind on renting its San Francisco headquarters. The social network already owes $136,250 to California Property Trust, the owner of the building that houses the offices. On Dec. 16, the California Property Trust tweeted that it is violating the terms of the lease if it does not pay the unpaid rent within 5 days.

Twitter was unable to pay the amount owed, which is why the California Property Trust filed a lawsuit this week in San Francisco County Superior Court. As of now, Twitter has not officially responded.

By the way, Twitter was also sued in December for refusing to pay for two charter flights. These two thefts, totaling $197,725, were committed by Elon Musk in the first week after he took over as head of Twitter. During this period, the American billionaire, who lost $132 billion in 2022, would also have hired “more than half a dozen” SpaceX lawyers to bolster Twitter.

Source: Engadget

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