Twitter suffers a major crash just after another round of layoffs

As of this morning, Twitter has experienced a major outage, shortly after the company’s latest wave of layoffs.

Site visitors cannot view the topics they are subscribed to. Instead, a welcome page is displayed, as if the subscribers are not following anyone from the desktop and mobile versions of the site. And they are encouraged to “search for people and topics to subscribe to now.” A similar message appears in the version of the Twitter app.

However, it is still possible to see a particular user’s tweets by going to their account page, which seems to load fine. Twitter’s search function also seems to have worked year after year.

Many of Twitter’s key teams now operate with far fewer employees.

In addition, users can post new tweets even if there was no feed to display them.

The outage comes after Twitter laid off up to 200 additional employees over the weekend. The layoffs followed a series of successive budget cuts that left the company with less than 75% of the employees it had when Elon Musk took over.

However, there is currently no indication that the breakdown is directly related to these latest layoffs. However, many of Twitter’s key teams are now working with significantly smaller staffs.

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