Twitter tests tips

Twitter is unveiling a new way to send and receive money. Baptized ”

Tip Jar
”, It allows account holders to add an icon to their profile page indicating the payment services through which people can send money.

Anyone using Twitter in English can now tip accounts on Android and iOS, while a limited group of people around the world using Twitter in English can add Tip Jar to their profile. These include creators, journalists, experts and nonprofits, says Twitter, which plans to expand the option to other languages ​​and users soon.

The Tip Jar icon appears next to the Follow button on a person’s profile. Any subscriber who wants to leave a tip can click on it and choose the service or payment platform they want to use. Currently available services are Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal, and Venmo. Twitter specifies that it will not take a commission on the money sent.

Android users can also tip through Spaces, Clubhouse’s competing Twitter audio chat feature. Earlier this week, Twitter extended Spaces to anyone with 600 or more followers.

Article from adapted by CNETFrance

Image: Sarah Tew / CNET

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