Twitter: These 6 Ambiguous Personalities Elon Musk Could Bring Back Despite Their Exile

To the return of celebrities banned from Twitter


Former US President Donald Trump has been known for his increasingly provocative tweets. After several temporary bans, the leader was permanently banned from Twitter following the Capitol riots that took place on January 6, 2021. Prior to this, Donald Trump said on the social network that the 2020 presidential election, in which his opponent, Joe Biden, who was appointed the new president of the United States, was rigged. Claims that for many became the trigger for the storming of the Capitol.

Elon Musk has always considered the decision to permanently exclude the former president from the social network “stupid”. The billionaire also made the decision immediately after he came to power to fire Vijay Gadde, head of legal policy, trust and security. The latter was the reason for the expulsion of Donald Trump.

However, if Elon Musk wants to allow Donald Trump to speak again on the Blue Bird Network, the main stakeholder may not return. Indeed, the former president is ecstatic about Tesla’s takeover of Twitter, but he’d rather focus on building his own social network, Truth Social.

Singer Azealia Banks accused of homophobia

Banned forever in 2020, singer Azealia Banks, known for her titles like 212 or Luxury, has quit Twitter multiple times. In particular, she was accused of homophobia and racism.

Targeting other singers, she was aggressive towards former One Direction member Zayn Malik or even Perez Hilton and the LGBT rights association + Glaad in what were later considered homophobic tweets.

In one of her latest tweets, she refused to make amends, saying, “Even though I’m homophobic… so what? [sic] I always make more dollars than you.”


Alex Jones, known for his conspiracy antics, was banned from Twitter 4 years ago. The American, in particular, argued that the massacre at Sandy Cook School, which killed 28 people in 2012, was just a staged by activists who want to control firearms in the United States.

Sentenced to pay more than a billion dollars in compensation to the families of the victims, Alex Jones finally admitted that the murder was real. However, this condemnation did not cool the conspiratorial ardor of the man. In 2017, he apologized for giving Pizzagate credit. In this case, Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager, John Podesta, were accused of running a child sexual abuse gang at a pizzeria in Washington. After an increase in his tweets violating Twitter’s internet rules, he was permanently banned on September 5, 2018.


He was nicknamed “the most hated man in the United States”. Marton Shkreli made huge profits for his pharmaceutical company Turing Pharmaceuticals, now Vyera, by driving up the price of an AIDS drug from $13.50 to $750. The businessman was banned from Twitter after he launched a cyberbullying campaign against journalist Lauren Duca. He was then sentenced to prison for fraud. It was released in May 2022.


David Icke is known for his conspiracy theories. Twitter made the decision to permanently ban a Briton from its network in 2020 when it said 5G network antennas were linked to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. His theories about 5G led to a series of attacks on network repeaters during the worst wave of the pandemic.

David Ickes also believes that he is the son of God on Earth and that the British royal family is made up of lizards as the world is ruled by reptiles.


George Zimmerman could also be among the people who were banned by Twitter from returning to the social network. In 2012, he killed black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida. A murder for which he would be acquitted before going after the victim’s family.

He was eventually banned from Twitter in 2015 for posting nude photos of a young woman. The comments showed the name, phone number and email of a young woman whom he introduced as his ex-girlfriend and who allegedly cheated on him with a “dirty Muslim”. A tweet that looked like revenge porn and violated Twitter rules.

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