Twitter trial against Elon Musk to begin in October

If this was a football game, Twitter would score Elon Musk’s first goal. Indeed, American justice announced that the accelerated procedure against the entrepreneur will take place in October, while the lawyers for the Tesla CEO insisted on doing it in 2023. Delaware Chancery Judge Kathleen McCormick ruled that the trial would take place in October (up to 5 days), especially since Twitter could be fined for a longer wait. Therefore, the judge was not convinced by the arguments of Musk’s lawyers, who argued that it would take months to uncover bots and “spam” accounts. Speaking of this, Twitter attorney Bill Savitt said: “We’re dealing with a buyer seeking a way out of a deal that doesn’t have one.” Meanwhile, Musk’s lawyers continued to argue that the case was too complex to be dealt with in an expedited manner. In this regard, Judge McCormick responded, “Defendants appear to be underestimating the court’s ability to quickly handle complex lawsuits.” Finally, the start date of the procedure has not yet been announced. To recap, just to recap the story a bit, Musk has almost completed the $44 billion takeover of Twitter. However, he recently refused, accusing the platform of not providing the information he requested about the total number of fake accounts. The company, on the other hand, argues that the contractor must honor the agreement as previously intended.


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