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Apparently, both experts and employees do not understand what exactly Elon Musk is looking for. Casey Newton from platformer (will open in a new tab) and The New York Times writes that no one knows exactly what Elon means by “standout lines of code.”

This isn’t the first time that Elon’s obsession with the amount of code on Twitter has been called into question. Back when he first acquired a social media company, he asked (will open in a new tab) that all Twitter engineers print out their code for the last 30-60 days. The problem is that most people seem to agree that this is a terrible method of evaluating a software engineer’s work. It remains to be seen if anyone was fired as a result of this mandate, as they were ordered to destroy the requested pages of code soon after.


The New York Times also published an opinion column by Yoel Roth. (will open in a new tab), the former head of Twitter’s trust and safety team, who stepped down earlier this month. In it, Roth describes the challenges of ensuring that Twitter remains a platform for people to express their opinions in a safe way and in a way that doesn’t violate countless government laws and regulations.

Roth says he left Twitter because “Twitter, whose policy is determined by unilateral fiat, has little need for the trust and security feature designed for its fundamental development.”

“While he criticizes the capriciousness of the platform’s politics, he perpetuates the same lack of legitimacy with his impulsive changes and lengthy tweet statements about Twitter’s rules. on that day he will be in command,” Roth writes.


Who’s the last one out, please turn off the lights? According to a New York Times article (will open in a new tab), roughly 1,200 full-time employees quit on Thursday, following Musk’s lead. This will leave approximately 2,500 employees, up from 7,500 at the end of October.

According to the article, entire departments no longer have full-time employees, or only the backbone of the team remains.

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The Times article quoted a tweet by Peter Close, a software engineer, saying that only three of the 75 engineers were left after being offered a clean exit on Wednesday.


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Since Musk took over Twitter, many have been looking for an alternative social network to post to. Mastodon, an open source decentralized platform, has attracted a lot of attention. Mastodon is funded by crowdfunding, so its continued functionality depends on the whim of thousands of people, not just one billionaire.

If you’re considering leaving Twitter, check out Jordan Palmer’s explanation of “What is a Mastodon” to see if this is the new platform for posting photos of cats and the latest foods you’ve eaten.


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Well, it’s been a flood of information, so let’s quickly recap. Elon Musk buys Twitter, shuts it down, and then starts making quick changes. One of those changes was to issue an ultimatum that people either accept the hardcore work culture or leave – and many choose to leave, including critical teams.

Now it looks like Elon is issuing another ultimatum – meet me in San Francisco and be ready to show your work. All engineers have been ordered to come, but employees from the EU and the UK can ignore the directive and just get on with their day. This is definitely a chaotic Twitter scene, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better just yet.


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According to The Verge, (will open in a new tab) many of Twitter’s core teams left in response to Musk’s ultimatum of an “extremely hardcore” work environment. At the moment, Twitter’s traffic and interface teams are among the teams experiencing the biggest exodus.

The inability of these commands to work can be detrimental to the operation of Twitter. They are responsible for critical systems such as engineering request routing. Most importantly, it looks like the team that manages Twitter’s core system libraries has pretty much gone as well. According to The Verge, one anonymous Twitter employee said at the exit that Twitter is almost impossible to operate without this team. Yes.


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Despite all this chaos, Emperor Nero seems content to continue playing his violin while Rome burns around him. Musk just tweeted that the new Twitter policy is “Free speech, not freedom of reach.” So it seems like you have the right to tweet whatever you want – for now – but that doesn’t mean anyone will see it.

Apparently, Musk is also bringing back some familiar faces to the social media platform – with one notable omission. “Katie [sic] Griffin, Jordan [sic] Peterson and [The] Babylon bee restored.” But it seems that former US President Donald Trump remains in exile for the time being.


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Meanwhile, some Twitter employees are starting to discuss Elon Musk’s latest mandate. A Twitter employee in Europe said he had no plans to board a plane anytime soon. “Elon’s email has the same legal effect as my email, which says, ‘FYI, I will be working 3 hours a day from now on, thanks.’

According to Gergeli Orosha (will open in a new tab), a tech writer that a Twitter employee spoke to, this answer actually makes sense. Apparently the UK and EU have employment laws which essentially mean that if no one in HR has told you you’re fired, just keep working according to the terms of your contract. Apparently, some of Elon’s other requirements may also be contrary to these laws.


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We have new information on developments regarding the Twitter engineering team being called to headquarters by Musk. According to Schiffer, who told the original story, Musk is now urging all remote engineers to fly to San Francisco to meet him.

Musk says that only Twitter engineers who “can’t physically get into Twitter headquarters” are exempt from in-person attendance. Musk says he’ll be in the office by midnight Pacific time. It’s strange to give employees an ultimatum with such a short notice, but unfortunately, this is not the first ultimatum issued since he took over the social media platform.


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Twitter, of course, was not happy with this development. They vowed to fight Musk in court and secure the sale of the company under the terms of their original agreement.

This strategy eventually worked, and on October 27, Musk’s acquisition of the social media platform became official. A day later, a company representative was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange, which officially meant that Musk became the owner of the company.


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For those unfamiliar with what’s going on at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, it all started back in April when Elon Musk announced his intention to buy the company. This was announced by the CEO of Tesla. (will open in a new tab) he wanted to take the social media platform private and turn it into “an inclusive arena for free speech”.

The offer was for $44 billion and was considered by some to be too good to be true. Their fears were confirmed when, just a couple of months later, Musk tried to back out of the sale. (will open in a new tab) due to the fact that Twitter underestimates the number of spam accounts.


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Let’s start with the latest news. According to Zoe Schiffer, Platformer’s managing editor, Elon Musk asked members of the engineering team to come to Twitter headquarters today at 2:00 pm. P.T. Musk specifically requested “anyone who can actually write software” – whatever that means. These members of the engineering team are asked to provide a summary of what they have done in the past six months.

Of course, this is confusing to some Twitter staff as they were told yesterday not to show up until November 21st. Stay tuned for updates on this latest development as they become available.

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