Twitter urged to reassure Arcom of its moderation tools

The French audiovisual and digital policeman is watching the grain and worries that Twitter is not living up to its obligations after the drastic staff cuts and waves of layoffs that have hit the social network since Elon Musk came to its head. Of the 7,000 employees who were on Twitter at the end of October, only 2,750 remain, according to Bloomberg, which is far from reassuring for Arcom (ex-CSA).

On Sunday, the platform’s French managing director also announced his departure after more than a busy week at the company.

“Deep Care”

In a letter sent last Friday to Twitter’s European headquarters in Dublin and received by Le Figaro, the French regulator wanted to “express deep concern about the direct implications of such decisions on Twitter’s ability to maintain a secure environment for users.” of his service” and justifies his intervention by saying that the platform is one of the most used in France, thus raising “systemic issues in terms of the sincerity of democratic debate and the protection of the public.”

Authorities are calling on Twitter to “confirm” to him by November 24 that he will always be “able to meet the obligations that the law imposes on him” and to inform him of “the human and technological resources dedicated to meeting those obligations.” “, especially in terms of “moderation of illegal content and activities.”

French and European law places a number of obligations on social networks such as Twitter, for example, to protect users from misinformation and online hate. And it is up to Arcom to ensure that these rules are properly applied.

Series of bonds

The December 2018 law provides for a “duty of cooperation” and requires online platforms to take “measures to combat the dissemination of false information” and “a readily accessible and visible device enabling their users to communicate such information.”

A few years later, in 2021, a law on so-called “separatism” was passed, which required social networks to have “proportionate human and technological procedures and resources” to combat illegal content, and also called on operators to create a single point of contact to promote cooperation. with regulatory and judicial authorities.

These new provisions apply until the end of 2023, when the new European regulation is due to come into force. Because Arcom’s first question is whether Twitter will be able to “completely and fully participate in the implementation of the Digital Services Act” published in the Official Journal of the EU at the end of October.

The DSA will strengthen this regime of commitments on funds and transparency and will be able to punish any breach with a fine of up to 6% of annual global turnover for very large platforms. And precisely in order to remind Twitter of these new rules coming soon, its new boss, Elon Musk, should soon be invited to the European Parliament, as Politico learned last week.

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