Twitter was 2 inches away from becoming a real competitor to OnlyFans, but everything was abandoned due to a serious problem that still exists.

Twitter has gone down

Twitter has always been very happy with the idea of ​​allowing porn content to be broadcast on its platform. On the other hand, no artificial intelligence, much less a dedicated team of XXL moderators, is able to determine whether this is legal content or, in particular, child pornography. And even less when it comes to voluntary sexuality or nudity. If many X sites still don’t care much about this issue, it’s serious enough in Twitter’s eyes that the birdie firm has finally decided to give up on making money from it. Absolutely fair. Especially since another problem has been identified: the company is also engaged in effective verification of the identity and especially the age of its users.

The Verge website claims that social network employees have long been well aware of these galleys and that many warnings have been launched at high authorities. In vain. In an internal report cited by the dedicated site and dated February 2021, some of them deplored and denounced “working with old tools that suffer from known shortcomings.” It is obvious that the moderation and condemnation of this illegal content today will still be done mainly through manual verification. Long live the year 2000.

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At a time when Twitter could still fall into the hands of Elon Musk, this huge necessary investment is probably no longer on the agenda. When we know that OnlyFans’ potential next year’s turnover could already be about half that of Twitter, however, there is a very fat piece of the pie at the bottom.

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