Twitter: why Elon Musk didn’t wait for his moderators’ advice to rehabilitate some accounts

Users who have been banned from Twitter for a long time, such as Donald Trump, have been able to get their accounts back. Yet Elon Musk had to submit these reports to a moderation board that still doesn’t exist.

Elon Musk’s promise, made the day after he was taken over by Twitter, was ultimately not kept. On November 28, the billionaire announced that a content moderation council with very different points of view would be formed. However, in recent days, several accounts of persons removed from the platform have been unblocked.

Fuzzy excuse

Among them are writer Jordan Peterson who misidentified the gender of transgender actor Elliot Page, actress Kathy Griffin who made fun of Elon Musk by usurping his identity, or even the conservative satirical media “Babylon Bee”. As well as former US President Donald Trump, whose rehabilitation has been questioned.

“No important decisions will be made about the maintenance or recovery of the account until this council meeting,” promised Elon Musk, who led Twitter during the day.

The billionaire tried to defend his position with a vague pretext, writes The Verge. Elon Musk blames “a broad coalition of groups of political and social activists” for this.

The Twitter boss assures that an agreement has been reached with these people. The idea was to create a board of moderators to appease them and ensure that he would not try to “kill Twitter” by depriving the company of its advertising revenue.

Only the agreement was broken, says Elon Musk. Thus, this releases him from any obligations regarding content moderation and reinstatement of suspended accounts.

A claim that cannot be verified. Moreover, the billionaire regularly points his finger at “activists.” In early November, he accused these groups of pressuring advertisers to explain Twitter’s sharp decline in revenue. The leader then assured that it was an attempt to “destroy free speech in America.”

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