Twitter will introduce verification tags in multiple colors

Blue’s new formula did not give the expected results. Getting the famous blue label for following has opened the door to a huge problem of fake profiles using “verified” status to post a number of more or less humorous posts. However, the fear of fraud was very real.

Elon Musk, apparently realizing that the old system still has some merit, announced on Twitter that more icon colors will be introduced next Friday if all goes well.

So we’ll have gold badges for companies, gray badges for governments, and blue badges for individuals. Identity will be verified prior to issuing these grades to restore credibility to this whole mess. A confirmation that Musk confirmed in response to a message from CryptoKing.

And as the situation began to clear up, it seems that people whose identities have been verified will have exactly the same badge as people who paid $8 a month for a Blue subscription. When asked how embarrassing such a resemblance would cause, Musk simply replied that imitating other people would be suppressed.

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