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Published: September 10, 2022 at 13:37.

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We don’t just come to stroll along the Reims promenade. On Tuesday, September 6, at about 18:30, in the upper sector of the Promenade, the police found two people who were engaged in transactions with passers-by. A check followed: they really were dealers. The first had 1,030 euros in cash and a small, accurate scale that could easily be pocketed; the second 110 euros, eight bags of cannabis resin (9.6 grams) and a bag of cocaine (0.9 grams). In the latter’s house, investigators found another 17 grams of tar and a ledger.

Two petty traffickers aged 18 and 24 were released with a subpoena for a corrective hearing on 22 November. One lives in the area of ​​Europe, the other in Châtillon.

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