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Reconciling dot simulation and satire, the new creation of the authors of “Two Point Hospital” entrusts us with the fate of several universities.

We started to worry when we announced it was raining frogs on the university? Or when students complained about the cold between the robotics lab and the library? Until proven otherwise, during the party in the student foyer, things were not so bad, which they demanded so much … We began to worry, but also, and above all, jubilant. In management games, the fun is mostly about the feeling that you might soon feel overwhelmed.

This genre that flourished in the 1990s, from Sim City to Rollercoaster Tycoon, has made an impressive comeback in the last decade and today invites us to design and develop just about any organization imaginable: a dinosaur zoo, a prison. , a music festival, a drug trafficking ring… Curiously, the education world has been in a rather shabby state so far, but it’s a flaw that fills the Two Point campus nicely as a prelude at the start of the school year.


Anyone who has been to the amazing Two Point Hospital from the same British authors will immediately become familiar with the interface and game system. We do find the same way of building and furnishing places and the same logic of gradually adding features (thrown at us like lots of new balls to see if we can juggle) and events throughout history. a mode that is both a puzzle game with a thousand powers and a giant tutorial, before finally tackling the free and – if all goes well – competent sandbox mode to build our dream campus there.

Human factor

We also find deadpan humor in Two Point Campus, which is one of the main components of the Two Point style. This happens through audio announcements aimed at students whose voice, which functions similar to that of GTA radios, reminds them, in part, that they should live the best time of their lives, but that free time does not exist. no, as well as a whole bunch of satirical or buffoonish elements that paint the game on the side of the comic. Except that the way it all fits together is also extremely serious. Nothing can be neglected in order to grow and beautify our fine institution of science, culinary or magic: the configuration of the space, the training of teachers, the decoration, the state of the toilets and, above all, this set of phenomena that are difficult to predict. , commonly known as the “human factor” whose accurate simulation is the secret to any good management game, and Two Point Campus is one of them.


These little synthetic creatures that we never tire of watching are our mistresses, our guinea pigs, worker ants, or alternately listless and restless extras in a drawn-out game whose evolution depends on our decisions, but which we never fully control. The voice continues: “Students must not forget that I am not their mother.” Very fair, because it’s us, of course.

Two Point Campus (Two Point Studios/Sega), on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Mac, Linux and Windows, about 40 euros.

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