UAE IAA Achieves International Recognition For Excellence In AI

DOUBAI, April 7, 2021 (WAM) – The Institute of Internal Auditors Global (IIA), which has more than 200,000 members worldwide, has chosen the Association of Internal Auditors of the United Arab Emirates (UAE IAA) for a global honor in recognition of its 25 years of membership.

The historic recognition of the official body of AI professionals in the Arab world’s second-largest economy was recommended by the Institute’s Relations Committee (IRC), one of the 16 councils and committees of the IIA’s mission is to promote and facilitate the development and strategy fostering collaboration and cooperation between the IIA and all institutes.

In the citation letter, IIA President and CEO Richard F. Chambers said the affiliate program, effective in 2021, will recognize “the exceptional commitment to growth and development. From The IIA.

The global voice and recognized authority of the internal audit profession presented a digital badge and certificate as a ‘Gold Affiliate’ to the 25-year-old IAA Affiliate in the United Arab Emirates at its World assembly as a sign of professional commitment to The IIA and the milestone year. The UAE IAA is one of the largest AI organizations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Throughout the year, he conducts training programs, seminars and conferences on topics of interest to internal auditors. It actively updates its members’ knowledge on the impact and benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, Data Privacy, Digitization , cybersecurity and robotics on internal audit.

Expressing his happiness, IAA UAE President Abdel Qader Obaid Ali said: “This global recognition is an honor for the UAE and has solidified the leading role they play in this profession. . It speaks volumes about the vision of our wise leadership and unwavering commitment to upholding global standards and quality corporate governance embraced by the public and private sectors nationwide. ”

He added: “We greatly appreciate this recognition as it is the fruit of the UAE’s efforts, dynamism and leadership in implementing good governance and fighting fraud and corruption while seeking to make government smartest in the world. It also confirms what is vital and decisive. It also confirms the vital and decisive role of internal auditors in the leadership process which is aided by systems, applications, intelligent solutions and artificial intelligence in the provision of services of this profession “.

The IIA maintains relationships with associated organizations such as the Asian Confederation of Internal Audit Institutes (ACIIA), the African Federation of Internal Audit Institutes (AFIIA), the European Confederation of Internal Audit Institutes (ECIIA) , Fundación Latino Americana de Auditors Infernos (FLAI)) and Union Francophone de l’Audit Internal (UFAI). IRC is led by Angela Witzany, Director of Forensic, Risk and Compliance at BDO AG, one of the leading multinational companies in the field of audit and audit-related services with more 80,000 employees in 162 countries.

Translated by: Mervat Mahmoud.

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