Uber: a selfie to prove that customers wear a mask

Since early May, Uber has required all passengers to wear a mask while traveling, but they may have to prove it. The vtc service has just announced that it is implementing a technology integrated into the application which will occasionally ask the customer to take a selfie with his mask.

This principle of the selfie as proof was introduced last May for Uber drivers and deliverers who must take a picture of themselves before starting to work each day.

We firmly believe that the responsibility is reciprocal Sachin Kansal, Uber’s global head of security products, wrote in a blog post. ” That’s why we extend the same technology to passengers “.

However, customers will not have to take a photo of themselves before each trip. But if a driver reports that a passenger is not wearing a mask, they will need to take a selfie with their face covered before their next Uber ride. If he is not wearing a mask, he will not be able to get into the car.

Uber drivers have had a difficult time during the pandemic. Many have said they have contracted Covid-19 and at least six of them are known to have died from the virus in the United States. In recent months, Uber has worked to make journeys safer by redesigning its app to make sure drivers and passengers follow safety guidelines regarding the coronavirus.

Over 100 million mask wear checks

For example, before each trip, drivers and passengers must complete an online checklist, which includes wearing a mask, leaving windows open when possible, and not letting anyone else go. ‘sit in the front seat. Both the driver and passengers can cancel a trip without incurring a penalty if the other person does not wear a mask when they meet.

Uber says more than 3.5 million drivers and delivery people have performed more than 100 million checks since the company launched this mask-checking technology just over three months ago. The company points out that the device is designed to detect the mask as an object in the photo and does not process biometric information about people.

The passenger mask check feature will roll out to the United States and Canada by the end of September, and then to Latin America and other countries in the following weeks.

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Image: James Martin / CNET

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