Uber Eats disables 2,500 fraudulent delivery accounts

Uber Eats recalls that in December 2019, it implemented a real-time ID system to monitor delivery people, and in 2021, a feature related to monitoring ID cards (Photo: 123RF).

Paris. Major food delivery platform Uber Eats announced Tuesday that it has disabled nearly 2,500 employee accounts found to be fraudulent in recent weeks.

In the first half of the year, “we conducted a thorough audit of delivery accounts with Uber Eats. As such, we have identified fraudulent use of our app and have deactivated these accounts, setting up an appeal process that suspended deliverers can resort to,” a spokesperson for the AFP platform said.

“We informed all interested parties about our actions. We remain open to any discussion about fraud and support for people in vulnerable situations,” added Uber Eats, which claims to have briefed the government and unions as of July.

“It’s a scandal,” however, the CFDT reacted in a press release signed with the Union-Indépendants, one of the workers’ organizations recently recognized as representative. “So Uber Eats is brutally throwing thousands of people into extreme insecurity.”

“For undocumented workers who have no choice but to work under a pseudonym in order to survive, the CFDT and Union-Indépendants are asking for a review of their situation, given that activities carried out under an independent status, as for employees, should lead to the same rights,” both organizations write.

The four major players in the food delivery industry (Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Stuart and Frichti), brought together by the government in September 2021 to better deal with the irregular sublease of courier bills, announced in early April that they had signed a special charter.

Since all installed detection and control systems differ from one participant to another, the signatories, in order to establish standards, have committed to conducting weekly verification of the identity of the deliverers.

Uber Eats recalls that in December 2019, it implemented a real-time identity system for monitoring deliveries, and in 2021, a feature related to monitoring identity cards.

“Today, illegal workers hired as employees see that this element is taken into account in their legalization. However, the self-employed do not benefit from this system,” laments Uber Eats, which, in addition to fighting fraud, says it advocates facilitating regularization through work.


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